Animated SWOT Analysis Template For PowerPoint

A SWOT analysis is one of the most common type of evaluations used to measure a company’s strengths and opportunities against weaknesses and threats which might affect short-term and long-term prospects. In a previous post we extensively covered what a SWOT analysis is and we have also reviewed a number of SWOT Analysis Templates for PowerPoint. …

Animated Ribbon Arrows Infographic PowerPoint Template

Comparison layouts are tricky to work with. If you add too much content the slide can look cramped. However, if you use too little information, you might need to stretch your content across multiple slides. This is where infographic slides can be quite handy. The Animated Ribbon Arrows Infographic PowerPoint Template gives glossy layouts for …

Animated Clean Design PowerPoint Template

Be it a website or a PowerPoint presentation a clean design can do wonders for you. A design that is clean looking can help you connect with your audience by providing information in an easy to understand layout. A Clean design can perhaps best be described as a design which makes good use of empty …

Level Design PowerPoint Template

Everyone needs to have that go-to PowerPoint template that you can always use for all kinds of presentations. Whether you are on-the-go, rushing and running out of time, or you just need a hassle-free presentation churned out pronto, you’ll find this Level Design PowerPoint Template very useful.

21st Century Donut Chart Template For Excel


If there’s a pie chart, there’s also a donut chart. A donut chart is actually similar to a pie chart, only it has a hole in the middle, Using Excel, you can easily and conveniently turn your numerical data into a donut chart, and then use formatting and style features to customize your chart.

15 Amazing Keynote Templates For Presentations in 2016

If you use Keynote for making professional presentations and need some good slide decks to help you get a head start in your presentation endeavours, then there are some fantastic Keynote Templates for Mac and iPad that can easily amaze any audience. We have compiled a list of 15 Amazing Keynote Templates for Presentations in 2016 to …

Make Excel & PowerPoint More Powerful With Power-user Add-in

We have previously reviewed a number of PowerPoint add-ins and tools that can help you supercharge PowerPoint. Recently, we came across a PowerPoint add-in by the name of Power User, which as the name suggests, is a tool that can help make the most novice PowerPoint users to create presentations like a Pro.

Striped Black Border PowerPoint Template


If you find yourself always in need of making presentations at work or for your school projects, then you know how valuable it is to have a go-to presentation template handy. When it comes to this, you should look for something that looks professional, elegant, and can go well with all your presentation topics.

Median PowerPoint Template


If you find yourself in a position or job that requires you to create plenty of presentations or create slideshows within a short time frame, you can find this next PowerPoint Template helpful.