Crisp & Clean Resume Template For Word

Busy resumes with juvenile-looking fonts will most likely turn off potential employers as they convey inexperience, immaturity, and carelessness. As a general rule, your resume should be kept neat, organized, and should look professional even at first glance.

The Crisp & Clean Resume Template for Word is a wonderfully designed template that will definitely stop any recruitment officer sifting through hundreds of resumes on a daily basis.

Crisp and clean Resume template for Word

This is because this template is professionally designed, efficiently laid out, straightforward, and simple. It looks crisp and clean; a welcome break from other resumes that your potential employer may have come across.

This template, which is part of the Crisp & Clean series of templates in Word, features a truly crisp and clean layout against a stark white background. The result is a simple yet straightforward resume that effectively highlights all the necessary information that any recruiter or potential employer is looking for in its applicants.

Resume template for Microsoft Word 2016

With its beautiful layout and helpful guides, you can easily see where to put which information as you fill out the template and create your very own resume. As you can see in the images, your name comes out clearly and in big letters on the very top. Then, your skills and objective go side by side, with the Objective part highlighted by the yellow shape background. Directly under this is your contact information, which uses distinct round icons.

Beside this is your experience and education, which are also cleanly and clearly identified and laid out. At the bottom of the contact information is your volunteer experience or leadership record.

Crisp and clean resume for Word

This template can be your go-to template when you’re on a job hunt. You can even store it in your OneDrive or in your computer for easy update and retrieval, which means you can have one template from your entry-level job until you grow your career. Best of all, this template is free.

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