Detailed Overview Of Windows 8.1 Features

The criticism surrounding Windows 8 is perhaps the highest for Microsoft since the release of Windows Vista, which was an epic failure. It appears that Microsoft has decided to make one more attempt to salvage Windows 8 by providing a major upgrade, namely Windows 8.1. As the name suggests, Windows 8.1 is an overhaul of …

Download Windows 8 PowerPoint Templates To Create Modern UI Prototypes

One of the less known functionality of PowerPoint is its utility as a tool for creating mockups, wireframes and UI designs. If you are looking to quickly create a prototype for the Windows 8  Modern UI (Metro UI) then you should see the amazing Windows 8 Modern UI PowerPoint Templates at

Microsoft Teases A Metro-Style Version Of Office For Windows 8.1

During the opening keynote of its Build 2013 developer conference, Microsoft has teased a version of office which is specifically designed for Windows 8.1, which will be available through the Windows Store. During a private session, Microsoft showed Metro Style Office interface running in Windows 8.

Modernize your PowerPoint 2010 Charts Using the New PowerPoint 2013 Templates

With the new features available in PowerPoint 2013 Preview many presenters may be wondering how to apply the same modern styles available in the new version in previous versions of PowerPoint. Fortunately we will see here how we can easily use the modern chart designs available in PowerPoint 2013 but in older versions of PowerPoint …