Level Design PowerPoint Template

Everyone needs to have that go-to PowerPoint template that you can always use for all kinds of presentations. Whether you are on-the-go, rushing and running out of time, or you just need a hassle-free presentation churned out pronto, you’ll find this Level Design PowerPoint Template very useful.

Level design PowerPoint template

For a minimalist, fun, yet still professional design, you can use this Level Design PowerPoint Template, which is a free, general-purpose template. This template features a solid white background that makes your colors and content stand out. And because this template is widescreen, you have plenty of space for optimum readability that is also easy on the eyes.

The template features 5 ready-made slides that you can immediately use. It starts with a Title Slide that has the crisp white background. The Title is in narrow, modern font, and this is highlighted further by a line of blue, yellow and green colors. There is also a space for the subtitle.

Level design chart in PowerPoint

The inside slides still maintain the same theme, with the crisp white background and the bar of blue, yellow and green, this time along one side of the slide, to serve as an accent and border.

The inside slides come in different layouts, such as list, graph, table, and diagram. You can just follow the placeholders to replace the sample text with your content. You can also easily modify the graphics to suit your own information or presentation figures. Furthermore, if these five slides won’t cut it, you can easily duplicate and rearrange them. There are also more slide layouts that you can use, just click on New Slide in the Home menu to populate a selection or pick a layout. Additionally, you can use a blank slide to create your own unique layout.

Level design SmartArt

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