Concourse PowerPoint Template


If you’re looking for a versatile, corporate, and professional-looking general purpose PowerPoint template, the Concourse PowerPoint Template is the perfect choice. This template looks generic, but it is your perfect companion if you need to make a quick presentation especially if you’re on the go.

Free Black & Blue Metro PowerPoint Template


For adding a modern look to any presentation, you can use this Free Black and Blue Metro PowerPoint Template that has a multi-color sidebar and a reflective title text. This blue widescreen template is specially designed to be general-purpose to suit many presentation topics.

Angles Modern Background PowerPoint Template


Angles represent facets, movement, dynamism, and complexity. With the right color combinations, it can also mean fun, modern, and eclectic. In fact, angles in presentations and design can mean many things. This is why the Angles Modern Background PowerPoint Template is the perfect all-around, general-purpose presentation template for business, school, and personal use.

Ion Boardroom PowerPoint Template


If you are the type who always does presentations, whether for work, school, or personal use, you may need to find yourself a go-to presentation template. For this, the Ion Boardroom PowerPoint Template is a perfect fit.

Widescreen View PowerPoint Template

Sophisticated General Purpose Template in Gray

Creating clean-looking PowerPoint presentations are always a great idea if you want your content to really speak for itself. Modern presentations are usually like this, with minimalist designs and clear, bold text to optimize readability. These types of slideshows look great in widescreen format as well.

Circuit PowerPoint Template

Futuristic, Streamlined Template for Technology Presentations

Today, many companies and businesses are built in the technology industry, which is thriving and growing every day. If you are someone who works in this industry and is involved in enterprises such as mobile technology, apps, gaming, hardware, software, web, and many other similar fields, then you may find yourselves needing to create presentations. …

Facet PowerPoint Template With Green Geometric Shapes

Minimalist Yet Stylish Facet Design Template for PowerPoint

If you want to create modern, minimalist, stylish and sophisticated templates, you are in the right place. The Facet PowerPoint Template with Green Geometric Shapes is a beautiful and artistically designed template that you can use for many types or topics of presentations. 

Mesh Dark Abstract PowerPoint Template

Elegant and Simple Abstract PowerPoint Presentations

If you prefer a dark-colored template that is both sophisticated and elegant, then you will love this Mesh Dark Abstract PowerPoint Template. This template contains standard features with top-of-the-line design aesthetics that will surely make whatever topics you want to present remarkably stand out.

A Comprehensive Review Of Microsoft Windows 8

Microsoft Teases A Metro-Style Version Of Office For Windows 8.1

Developed by Microsoft, Windows 8 already comprises of more than 300 features that makes it appealing and interesting. The company has introduced major changes to the user interface and the operating system’s platform so as to enhance the user experience on several devices such as tablets and desktop PCs. The operating system was released to …

How To Restore Accidentally Deleted PowerPoint Files With Windows 8 File History

People can often get carried away with the Modern UI and the lack of legacy features in Windows 8, like the classic Start Menu. Windows 8 has a lot of fine features which common users can often overlook. If you are a Windows 8 user who has accidentally deleted a file and wish to recover …