Animated Clean Design PowerPoint Template

Be it a website or a PowerPoint presentation a clean design can do wonders for you. A design that is clean looking can help you connect with your audience by providing information in an easy to understand layout. A Clean design can perhaps best be described as a design which makes good use of empty space by not cramming too much content within a certain amount of space. Furthermore, such a design may also make use of widescreen aspect ratio and 3D graphics to make visual content easier to understand.

  Animated clean design PowerPoint template

Clean Design Template with Animations

The Animated Clean Design PowerPoint Template by Presenter Media gives a green and white layout with a Modern design which is clean and cohesive. You can use this template for making all kinds of presentations and even infographics. In fact, the sample slides have been made in a format best suitable for creating animated infographic slides.

Infographic and timeline slides

Timeline & Infographic Slides

You can create timelines, infographics and project roadmaps with great ease using the given sample layouts. The sample clipart too is replaceable and there are tooltips that provide basic customization suggestions and instructions.

infographic bullet list

Create Charts from Sample Layouts

You can also create charts by editing the sample illustrations using Drawing Tools in PowerPoint. These can also be replaced by your own and as the template is a mix of static and animated slides, you can create animated or static chart layouts. Furthermore, you can also insert conventional charts by either adding a new slide or by customizing an existing sample layout.

Chart slides and illustrations

There are also icons located on top of some bar chart illustrations which you can replace with your own custom icons. The template comes with editable objects throughout the sample layouts which makes it possible to heavily customize existing slide layouts down to the color and size of slide elements.

Bar chart with replaceable icons

You can download this clean design template in Standard and Widescreen orientations for both Mac and PC editions of PowerPoint.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Clean Design PowerPoint Template (Standard)

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Clean Design PowerPoint Template (Widescreen)

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