Animated Stairway PowerPoint Template

Stairway illustrations can be a powerful means of expressing different types of ideas during a presentation. This might include a presentation about success, challenges, career choices, orientation sessions for new employees and many other types of topics. We previously gave you a list of some amazing Stairway Video Animations for PowerPoint. This time we have a Modern design PowerPoint template which provides some very attractive animated layouts.

Animated stairway PowerPoint template

Stairs Information Goal PowerPoint Template

The Animated Stairs Information Goal PowerPoint Template has animated slides which depict various figures running up stairs. The staircase in each slide has the same pink and white design, with stick figures in black color. You can move these figures and other slide objects by selecting them individually. Moreover, there are text-boxes to customize the slides with your own text.

Stairs information goal PowerPoint template

Change Theme Images & Colors

There are instructions within the theme which can be used to customize the default slides by changing the images and colors of the sample slides. You can also use the slides in their original form by merely adding text to text-boxes.

Change staircase colors

Create Infographics using Stairway Illustrations

The animations depict more and more stairs as you proceed with slides in this template. There are also default, replaceable labels such as; ‘Step 1’, ‘Step 2’, ‘Step 3’, etc. In different slides you will also notice the bulls eye icon, which is located at the last stair, indicating an achievement or success. You can also copy this bulls eye image and place it on other stairs.

Stairway illustrations

There are a number of creative slides which can help you accommodate a plethora of presentation topics. The color combination of slides is quite expertly done, making good use of shades of off-white with grey, pink, black and light blue. This makes the template stand out and your added content can be more easily noticed by the audience with the visual aid of high-quality graphics.

Stairway slide design

This animated stairway PowerPoint template is compatible with 2007 and later editions of PowerPoint for PC, as well as recent Mac editions of Microsoft PowerPoint.

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