HD Video Backgrounds

Animated Disco Ball Shimmer PowerPoint Template

Animated Disco Ball Shimmer PowerPoint Template is an animated video background which depicts a shimmering disco ball. You can easily customize this video background with your own text, images and logo.

Animated Digital Robot Template For PowerPoint

When making technology themed presentations, nothing works better than a robot. We previously brought the review for the Animated Robot PowerPoint Template, this time we will provide you with a feature overview for an animated video background template for PowerPoint, i.e. the Animated Boxy Robot Template.

How To Add Moving Animations To Presentations

Adding animations to your presentations can have a lasting impact. Animations are not only attention grabbing but also allow presenting presentations in a lively manner to ensure that your audience does not get bored and you are able to make your slides more memorable. In this post we will explore a few interesting methods to …

Animated Ready To Launch PowerPoint Template

Ready to launch a new venture, product, financial quarter or project? Why not present your launch in style? The Ready To Launch PowerPoint Template depicts a stick figure launching himself using a sling shot. This animated template for PowerPoint with slingshot graphics contains various interesting animated slides, which you can edit to create amazing presentations …

Driving Towards Success PowerPoint Template And Video Animation

If you think taking a few small steps towards success is to slow for your pace, then how about driving to it? Driving Towards Success is a PowerPoint Template, which comes with various animated slides that can help you lighten up the mood during your next presentation about business, success, career coaching, etc.

Animated Train Tracks Video Background For PowerPoint

Sometimes an abstract or generic animation can be just what you need for creating a good presentation. This is because you can mould such a presentation template with your topic and present ideas in a symbolic fashion.

Awesome Business Cloud Skyscraper Video Background For PowerPoint

Business Cloud Skyscraper is a video animation for PowerPoint, which can also be downloaded in the form of a PowerPoint Template. This animated template shows a skyscraper and the cloudy blue sky, which can be used for making business presentations, slides related to topics like success and corporate culture, as well as other relevant topics …

Best Animations For PowerPoint Presentations

A presenter’s best friend is a good template that can help him/her look good before the audience. The most likely scenario where a template may help you shine before the crowd is one that comes with some remarkable animations for PowerPoint. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some fine Animated PowerPoint Templates and HD …

Animated Red Earth PowerPoint Template With Video Animation

Red Earth is an Animated PowerPoint Template that can also be downloaded in the form of a customizable HD video animation. The PowerPoint version of this animation provides a single slide with a rotating earth video animation, which can be edited to add your own logo and text.

Generate Customizable Flare Text Effect For PowerPoint Presentations

Text effects in PowerPoint Presentations can be an effective method for making impressive slides that can instantly grab the attention of the audience. Such slides can be made for various purposes, such as for introducing a topic or the presentation. You can also amalgamate text effects in the form of video animations or animated slides …