Attic Video Background for PowerPoint

Attics are often used for storage, containing fond memories boxed away in the shape of toys, pictures, old furniture, etc. The Attic Video Background for PowerPoint is a customizable PowerPoint video which can be included in your slides with a custom message.

Add a Custom Message

You can add a custom message from the download page of this video background. You can also select the format you intend to download the animation in (PowerPoint or video). The video background depicts an attic, where a box opens up with old toys and a drawing where you can add your custom message.

customizable attic video

Add Text, Images & Shapes

You can add your own logo, pictures, additional shapes and text to give the video animation a custom look. Once your customizations are complete, you can download the animation. Before you can download the custom version of the animation, the download page will take a few minutes to render it before the PowerPoint or video format of the animation becomes available for you.

attic video background for powerpoint

Make the Most out of PowerPoint

The downloaded version of the PowerPoint animation also allows adding further text as overlay to the animation. You can also customize the video animation within PowerPoint. The slides can also be duplicated to give a new meaning to each slide. For this purpose, the presenter can download different variations of the animation, each with a new text that you can add for generating a separate slide. This way, you can create an interesting presentation deck with your custom branding, message and pictures.

attic video

Create Customized Video Clips

The animation is also available for download in MOV, WMV and MP4 video formats. Rendering and downloading the animation in these formats can enable you to add them to your YouTube videos, websites, ads, etc.

customizable video with text

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