Social Distancing Video Animation for PowerPoint

Last updated on February 15th, 2024

While shaking hands, hugs and a pat on the back are gestures we are all too familiar with, no one could have predicted that social distancing would become the new normal. As the Coronavirus crisis due to the spread of COVID-19 intensifies, social distancing is now being practiced around the world. In order to keep yourself, the people you love and others healthy, we will now need to practice and preach social distancing, hopefully not for too long! The Social Distancing Video Animation for PowerPoint can be used to help incorporate social distancing related content in your PowerPoint slides.

Customizable Social Distancing Animation

This social distancing animation comes in the form of editable PowerPoint like slides which can be edited from the video maker at PresenterMedia, called SlideClips. You can add or remove text and adjust the animations by using the various customization options.

social distancing video animation for powerpoint presentations

Build Your Animation and Download it as a Video File

You can build and download your animation as an MP4 video file. You can use this animation in your PowerPoint files, across websites, in your blog posts and other presentation applications for discussing social distancing, the Novel Coronavirus, global pandemics, etc.

social distancing video animation

When customizing the video animation you can also add new slides, characters, information and other relevant details using the plethora of features at PresenterMedia. You can also insert backgrounds, stylized animated text, images, video animations and a lot more from the PresenterMedia archive. Additionally, you can also pick content from your computer to add to your animation.

customize covid-19 animation

The image below shows the customized version of the Social Distancing Video Animation running in a video player.

social distancing video

Insert Social Distancing Video Animation in PowerPoint

You can insert this animation in your PowerPoint slides via Insert-> Video. The custom version of the animation can allow you to set your own narrative with your key messages, company branding and animated characters.

add social distancing video to powerpoint

The SlideClips video maker at the developer’s website also enables creating video animations on other topics from your browser in just a few minutes.

Go to Presenter Media – Social Distancing Video Animation for PowerPoint

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