Hit Target High Definition Video Background for PowerPoint

Last updated on October 17th, 2023

In previous posts we have already discussed the utility of using interactive and animated PowerPoint templates, especially the Animated Templates By Presenter Media. But there are also other types of content that can make your presentations really standout, such as the use of High Definition video backgrounds. Hit Target is an HD video background (also available in PowerPoint format), which can be used for creating a presentation that can help you hit the Bulls Eye.

Target Darts High Definition Background

Customizable HD Video Background for PowerPoint

The Hit Target and other video backgrounds at Presenter Media are highly customizable and you can make precise changes to these backgrounds by adding text, changing element colors and adding your own images. This way, you can not only alter the existing template content but also add your own elements for making the video background more in line with your presentations topic.

Customizable HD Video Background For PowerPoint
Customizable HD Video Background For PowerPoint

There are many ways by which you can customize this video background, including editing the PowerPoint version. If you have download the PPTX for this video background, then you can make adjustments using PowerPoint options, such as the Video Tools or access many of the customization options by right-clicking on the video background.

Customize Target Darts Video Background
Video featuring a Dark Illustration in a PowerPoint Presentation

Your customizations will be particularly handy when you play the presentation in slideshow mode, as you can insert content that is relevant to your presentation topic and display it in a precise order within the video background.

HD Video Background
Dark Illustration in a HD Video Background

Customize Video Before Downloading in a Preferred Format

Alternatively, you can also customize the video before downloading it in a preferred format. This can be done by going to the Presenter Media page for this video background and using the given customization options before downloading it as a PowerPoint Template or video.

Customize Video Background Before Downloading

Video Templates Available in PPTX, WMV, MOV And FLV

Like most of the content available at Presenter Media, you can download this amazing video background in numerous formats, including PowerPoint (PPTX) and Video Formats (WMV, FLV and MOV). These formats can help you use the template across various presentation applications and also help insert the video to tools across various operating systems.

WMV Video Background

This video background can be downloaded via a Presenter Media subscription. The Hit Target HD Video Background is available in the following formats. Alternatively, you can download other video templates for PowerPoint, including video background PPT templates.

Go to Presenter Media – Hit Target HD Video Background

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