How to Download & Change Zoom Backgrounds

Before the spread of COVID 19, working from home was rather rare for most people. But now that people require working from home, it has become necessary to find ways to look professional on your webcams during remote meetings and virtual presentations for your PowerPoint slides. Many people might not have the time to fix the mess in their rooms, which make up the background for their Zoom meetings. This is why Zoom provides a background option to morph your actual background with a virtual one. Learn all about how to download and change Zoom backgrounds during remote meetings from our instructions in this post.

  1. How to Enable Zoom Backgrounds
  2. Best Free Zoom Backgrounds


How to Enable Zoom Backgrounds

To enable Zoom backgrounds you will require going to and logging in. From there, go to Settings.

zoom settings

Now, go to In Meeting (Advanced) and move the slider to enable Virtual Backgrounds.

settings for zoom virtual backgrounds

How to Set an Image or Video as a Zoom Background

Once you have Zoom backgrounds enabled, go to your Zoom app Settings to pick a virtual background.

zoom app settings

Zoom recommends configuring your video settings before enabling a virtual background. You can do this from the Video tab. Make sure you are in an environment with adequate light to ensure that your virtual background adjusts well to you. You can also use a green screen to ensure better amalgamation with your virtual background. Using an external HD cam with a better resolution than your laptop Cam might also be a good option. You can also use a smartphone for virtual backgrounds. Zoom backgrounds are supported on Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS.

zoom video settings

You can start off by downloading a few virtual backgrounds provided by default in Zoom.

download zoom backgrounds

You can then try out these backgrounds to see how images and videos appear in your existing environment. To add a custom image as a Zoom background, click the + icon and select Add Image or Add Video.

default and custom video backgrounds

As you can see from the image below, we used a futuristic background derived from our Free Technology PowerPoint Template. This background and its download link is also listed in the list of free downloadable backgrounds given below.

custom video background for zoom

You can also see this short video by the developer to get a detailed understanding of Zoom backgrounds and adjustments.

Free Zoom Backgrounds

While Zoom provides a few default free backgrounds and a range of bundles for workspaces, boardrooms, home interiors, public spaces and office backgrounds, these require a purchase via Zoom Virtual Backgrounds. This is why we are providing a list of free Zoom backgrounds that you can use as an alternative. The Zoom backgrounds given below have a Zoom recommended resolution of 1280×720 pixels.

Free Coworking Space Zoom Background

Perhaps the most sought after backgrounds for Zoom are the ones with a formal and office like design. You can use this office themed virtual background and its PowerPoint variant titled, Free Coworking Space PowerPoint Template.

office background for zoom

Go to Download Free Coworking Space Zoom Background

Free Technology Zoom Background

This is a futuristic background which you can download for use as a virtual background for Zoom. The background is also available as a presentation template with the title, Free Technology PowerPoint Template.

technology background for zoom

Go to Download Free Technology Zoom Background

Free Technology Bits Zoom Background

This is another technology-themed background usable for Zoom meetings. You can download the PowerPoint variant of this background from our product page for the Free Technology PowerPoint Template.

free technology bits background for zoom

Go to Download Free Technology Bits Zoom Background

Free Consulting Room Zoom Background

This is a formal Zoom background which depicts a consulting room. You might find this backdrop useful for formal presentations. The PowerPoint version of this background is titled Free Consulting Room PowerPoint Template.

Free consulting room zoom background

Go to Download Free Consulting Room Zoom Background

Free Relaxation Zoom Background

Sometimes one needs a serene background to make the experience cheerful for everyone in a remote meeting. This is especially true nowadays, as everyone is stressed out due to lock downs and the spread of the Novel Coronavirus. You can use this relaxing backdrop to your Zoom background and also use it in your presentations by downloading its PowerPoint variant titled, Free Relaxation PowerPoint Template.

free relaxation zoom background

Go to Download Free Relaxation Zoom Background

Final Words

Zoom backgrounds can be a great way of overcoming issues related to messy backgrounds that you might need to cover up before your next meeting. Furthermore, they can help add a professional look to an otherwise not so impressive background. You can also add cheerful backgrounds during holidays and office events to make everyone smile at the workplace. If you’re using Zoom for personal use, you can use your memorable photos and video clips as your virtual Zoom background. Either way, you can make use of our recommended Zoom backgrounds and download additional images from our collection of free PowerPoint templates. To extract an image from a PowerPoint template, go to File -> Save As and select an image format such as PNG or JPEG. For a complete list of free backgrounds and PowerPoint templates see our themes via the link below.

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