Futuristic Video Background for PowerPoint

Futuristic presentation templates are often used for technology related topics or to showcase a product developed after R&D. Some people like using such templates for school presentations or even business presentations about future prospects of a business or technology. You can also use such a template for making your slideshow more eye-catching by incorporating video backgrounds. The Futuristic Video Background for PowerPoint that we have for you can help you create attractive slide decks with custom branding.

Customizable Futuristic Video Background

This video background enables adding custom text, your company logo, photos, clipart and custom backgrounds. The clipart and backgrounds can be changed from the plethora of options available via the developer’s archive. You can click the custom text option to begin customizing the video background from the developer’s product page.

futuristic video animation for powerpoint

Customize Video Animation

You can choose to download the custom version of your video animation in PowerPoint or video format from the options at the bottom. To customize your video, you can add text, images, change background, etc. Once done, pick a format (e.g. PPTX) from the bottom of the settings and click Build and Download.

customize video animation for powerpoint slides

Download as a PowerPoint or Video File

Once you have downloaded the template, you can perform additional customizations to the slide. You can add additional text, images, shapes, etc. You can preview the video background within Normal mode or switch to SlideShow mode to preview it as a slideshow. This video background slide can be copied and used in your presentations like any normal PowerPoint slide.

powerpoint futuristic video template

You can also download a video version of the slide for your YouTube projects, website, office or retail slideshow, and the like. The supported video formats include; WMV, MOV and MP4.

futuristic video with custom text

This animated video background is available from PresenterMedia. You can customize and download it via the product page from the link below.

Go to Presenter Media – Futuristic Video Background for PowerPoint

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