Guy on Phone Custom Text Animation for PowerPoint

Last updated on September 22nd, 2023

A little-known gem that most presenters have no idea about is the use of readymade animations with custom text. These HD animations allow the presenter to customize a sample animation and download it as a PowerPoint template or video file. Guy on Phone Custom Text Animation for PowerPoint is one such animation which depicts a man walking while using his phone, with a background banner with text that you can customize for your PowerPoint presentations.

Customize Animation from the Product Page

To get started, head over to the PresenterMedia website from the link given at the end of this post. From the product page, you can perform a number of customizations to the sample animation by adding your own text, shapes, images, logo, etc.

Guy on phone custom text animation for PowerPoint

When editing your message, you can also manage the font style and size, as well as select which format to download the animation in. The available options include PPTX, MOV, WMV and MP4. To edit the text in the animation, click the sample text that appears on screen. Click Build and Download to render your animation in your preferred format.

FPPT sample animation created for PowerPoint

Download Animation in PowerPoint or Video Format

Once a download link appears, click to download the animation. Below is an example of the animation downloaded as a PowerPoint file. While there is custom text within the animation, you can also add supporting text below it, as well as overlay content within PowerPoint.

Custom text animation for PowerPoint

If you intend to use the animation as a video file, you can download it as a MP4, MOV or WMV file. This can allow you to use the animation for anything from presentations to your blog, YouTube videos, banner ads, etc.

Custom text animation in WMV video format

To customize and download this animation, see the developer’s website link below.

Go to Presenter Media – Guy on Phone Custom Text Animation for PowerPoint

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