Download free Goals PowerPoint template slides for presentations including awesome graphics and target audience designs that you can use in any business presentation, marketing plan or strategy plan slides.

OKR Objectives and Key Results and PowerPoint Templates

Introduction to OKR

Management by objectives (MBO) or management by results (MBR) has long been used to identify objectives and to achieve them in a set sequence. A variant derived from this concept is Objectives and key results (OKR), which focuses on goal setting and tracking outcomes. OKR can be a useful framework to use by managers to …

Animated Stairway PowerPoint Template

Stairway illustrations can be a powerful means of expressing different types of ideas during a presentation. This might include a presentation about success, challenges, career choices, orientation sessions for new employees and many other types of topics. We previously gave you a list of some amazing Stairway Video Animations for PowerPoint. This time we have …