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Undoubtedly, the ultimate goal of every trade or business is profit but you can only achieve this successfully if your customers will be satisfied, right? Now, for customer satisfaction you need create and achieve several goals. Thus, you must know that what type of goals should be created so that you could reach your ultimate target.

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Though, it is a strategy based process in which several minor and major things are required to be considered but still keeping few important things in your mind can lead you to success.

Firstly you must know the difference between goal and objective and these must not be confused in any way. Goals are the targets where you are supposed to reach and Objectives are the specific steps that help you to reach to your goal. Goals tell you where to go and Objectives tells you exactly how to reach there.

An entrepreneur should know his goals and objectives clearly. Goals can be created in area such as growth, Profitability, customer satisfaction and so on. Let’s discuss one by one:

Goal of Growth:

Goal to increase business operation remain in every field. And it is accompanied by growth of infrastructure capital and all that. Every owner wants to see a huge building of his office and worldwide customer, of course. So, vision of growth of your business must be kept in mind.

Goal of Efficiency:

To increase productivity and to become more efficient in your business operations could be another goal to achieve. There are several methods to achieve this, like you can set target for your salespersons and set closing ratio from 30% to 45%. And you can also improve delivery procedures for good customer response.

Customer Service and Satisfaction Goals:

You must know that your business completely depends on customer satisfaction and response. You must welcome customer feedback and suggestion. Try to increase customer service staff with two or three persons by the end of every year.

Retention Goals:

You would have faced the problem of employee turnover. There is not a specific factor which is responsible for this. But you need to make every possible effort to improve retention and to reduce employee turnover. For this you can start training program for new hiring. Or you can implement One-on-one interaction or meeting with your employees to create friendly relation, so that employee feels comfortable on his workplace.

Profitability Goal:

However, this is the major and ultimate goal but it can’t be achieve until you don’t accomplish above mentioned goals. Let’s make it clearer;

“Greater will be your business growth, improved will be the efficiency. Enhanced efficiency and productivity leads to customer satisfaction. Higher will be the customer satisfaction greater will be the sales and hence profitability.”

So, you must establish goals to reach distinguishable heights. If you are preparing a PowerPoint presentation for company to include the business goals in the corporate strategy plan then having in mind what are the possible business goals with these examples can be useful. For presentations related to business goals you can use any of our free business PowerPoint templates and backgrounds. You can download business goals templates and target or archery design templates for presentations to make awesome presentations on strategy and corporate goals.

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