How to Make a Zig Zag Line in PowerPoint

Zig zag lines can be used in PowerPoint presentations in different situations. For example, if you are making a business presentation you may be interested to show a process flow and steps going back and forth many times.

zig zag line perspective

Zig zag lines can also be used in goals PowerPoint presentations, for example to show a final target but with internal steps. You can draw a zig zag line in PowerPoint using the curve shape.

zig zag arrow

In the example above we are showing you how to start drawing a curve in PowerPoint using the curve shape. Then you can change the line width to match the second line. Finally, rotate it with the green dot (selected) and then apply the perspective effect in PowerPoint.

Additionally, you may wish to add a perspective style to make the line look like in the example above. The 3D line with zig zag can be decorated with an arrow or you can change the color to a gradient style to make it more realistic.