Animated Goals & Objectives Template for PowerPoint

Last updated on May 1st, 2024

Goals and objectives make up for the topic of most if not all presentations. No matter what your topic is there are always goals to set and objectives to explore, especially in the case of business presentations, such as the ones with timelines. We have previously brought you many Animated PowerPoint Templates, such as the Build Your Text Toolkit, On Target Darts Template and Timeline Toolkit. Your Goals And Objectives is an animated PowerPoint Template with a customizable design and a well crafted layout.

Your Goals And Objectives Animated Template

Add content to create your own Animated Slides

Like most PowerPoint Templates by Presenter Media, you can customize the “Your Goals and Objectives” template by adding text, changing colors of slide elements and adding multimedia content. Simply adding your own content will enable you to create animated slides which will be displayed with various effects when played in slideshow mode.

The below screenshot shows the animated content page which has placeholders for adding a logo and text. The added content to this slide will appear in animated form (in slideshow mode). You can use this and other such slides within this template to create multiple animated slides. If you prefer not to use the template, you can also create the objective slides in PowerPoint from scratch.

Animated Content Page

Switch between static and animated layouts

This template not only contains animated slides but you can also switch between static and animated layouts via Home > Layouts. When you launch the layouts drop down menu, you will be presented with the Animated Layout and Static Layout sections.

Static And Animated Layout

Useful images and PowerPoint icons

The goals and objectives template for PowerPoint & Google Slides also comes with various useful images and icons which can be easily copy/pasted across slides. They can be used in any business presentation, or even as part of complex sales presentation templates. You can also customize these items by changing their color and size. If you have doubts on how to organize your elements to present objectives, you can check out our objectives slides article to learn more how to present objectives slides in PowerPoint.

Useful Images And Icons - Example of PowerPoint Icons and 3D Images
Example of PowerPoint Icons and 3D Images

Separate Version For Widescreen And Customizable Animations

The Your Goals and Objectives template for PowerPoint & Google Slides also has a separate widescreen version, as well as a version with customizable animations. The latter basically provides support for the primary animation (as shown in the first screenshot).

As you can see from the image below, the animation of the first slide (which also appears at the bottom of a few other slides), can be customized by adding your own text to display a custom message to the audience when the presentation in run in slideshow mode.

Customizable Animation

The Your Goals and Objectives template can be downloaded from the links given below.

Go to Presenter Media –  Your Goals and Objectives PowerPoint Template

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