Free Meeting Agenda Template For Excel

A well-conducted meeting that produces results happen because of proper planning and scheduling. A good meeting should have an agenda in mind and discussions within that meeting should revolve around the agenda to prevent excessively long meetings that go around in circles or lose their point. The Free Meeting Agenda Template for Excel is a good meeting management and planning template for official meetings.

This meeting template helps you keep your meeting running on time, maximizing the participants’ involvement and schedules. This helps you conduct a meeting that is effective and not counterproductive, as some mistake meetings to be.

Create a Detailed Meeting Agenda in a Snap

Conduct a Well-Planned Meeting

A good and productive meeting is able to come up with decisions and solutions that would help improve operations or solve problems. This Free Meeting Agenda Template for Excel lets you create uniform meeting agenda documentation that you or your company can use each meeting. This meeting also allows you to plan a meeting by putting in your Meeting Agenda, Date, Title of the Meeting, Location and Actual Date of Meeting.

Automatically Calculate Time

This Template would also act as guide to keep you on track of the various points to be discussed in relation to your agenda. This template contains a table which contains the meeting schedule and the various activities, such as PowerPoint Presentations, that are going to be conducted in the meeting.

Filter Time Activity and Contact

This Free Meeting Agenda Template allows you to plan your meeting according to schedule. You can put your various meeting activities and allocate time for each of the activity. This Excel template also indicates the contact person involved in each activity.

Create Various Filters

This Template makes it easy for anyone taking notes or planning the meeting because it comes out with built-in filters for reference or for displaying preferences. You can also type in the Start and End times of each activity and the template will automatically compute the number of minutes or hours each activity will take.

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