Annual Financial Report Template For Excel Online

Financial reports are important in any business, big or small. Financial reports are essential to the company internally because it tells managers and high-level decision makers how well the company is doing in terms of liquidity and financial performance. Externally, financial reports provide a way for investors and creditors to evaluate the financial worth of the company.

Professionally Designed Template for Financial Reports

Financial Template for Documenting Large Amount of Financial Data

The Annual Financial Report Template for Excel Online is one of the many financial templates that you can use for your own company. This is a convenient template to document large amounts of financial data that needs to be recorded and stored accurately and correctly. This annual report template is also especially handy since it is in Excel Online and you can access it on a browser anywhere using your mobile devices.

This template records a company’s year-over-year financial status, at a high level. In this report, you can record your company’s key financial metrics such as Revenues, Net Profit, Interest, Depreciation, and Operating Profit. These metrics can be customized in the Key Metric Setting worksheet tab within the template, depending on what financial data you want to highlight.

Record Key Financial Metrics for Up to Seven Years

Other worksheet tabs include the Financial Data Input where you type the data of up to 25 key financial metrics for a span of up to seven years. The template already contains 13 sample metrics that you can choose from and all you have to do is type in your company’s own financial data on the indicated years and metrics.

The Financial Report tab displays all the financial data that you want to highlight. This can be embedded in a Word document or a PowerPoint presentation.

Select Which Set Of Financial Data You Want to Display

You can download this Free Excel Online Template from the link given below.

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