Home Maintenance Template For Excel 2013

Keeping track of cleaning and home maintenance can sometimes be a challenge. With the turning of the seasons, there are certain tasks that you need to prepare your home for summer, fall, winter or spring. The Home Maintenance Template for Excel 2013 can help you organize your home maintenance tasks and schedule it for quarterly and seasonal chores.

Schedule Your Home Maintenance Tasks

Maintenance for Every Aspect of Your Home

The Home Maintenance Template for Excel 2013 contains Quarterly and Seasonal Tasks for every aspect of your home. Aside from tasks already provided in the template, you can add more to suit your household’s maintenance needs in terms of Plumbing, Interior, Electrical and Appliances, and Exterior. This way, you can make sure that your landscaping, garage door, dishwasher, electrical cords, heating and cooling systems, and every item in your house is in tip-top shape.

Keep Your House In Shape Every Season

Each place and maintenance item in your home has a description of tasks that need to be done. For example, for your Refrigerator, you have to clean the dust accumulating on top of the appliance and the drain pan inside it every quarter. You also have to defrost it when necessary.  These tasks are already written in this ready-to-use template but you can also add more tasks for your home.

Keep your House in Shape

This Home Maintenance Template for Excel 2013 also comes with Date columns so you can see when you have accomplished each home maintenance task and you can track your progress.

Track and Manage Maintenance Tasks

This home maintenance schedule template also gives you maintenance tasks specific for every season. For example, after winter, there are many maintenance tasks needed to ensure that the exterior of your house is still in good shape. This home maintenance template will tell you to inspect your roof, chimney, gutters and decks so you can be prepared in time for Spring.

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