Free Home Inventory Template For Excel 2013

Having a home inventory is a valuable tool for keeping track of the things you own and what they are worth. A home inventory also helps you with insurance in case of loss or damages due to a break-in, fire or natural disaster. The Free Home Inventory Template for Excel 2013 is a wonderfully designed and visually appealing template that lets you record your home inventory by room and by value.

Visually Appealing and Beautifully Designed Home Inventory Template

Create Visually Stunning Home Inventories

The Free Home Inventory Template for Excel 2013 is designed to be functional and visual at the same time. This spreadsheet template features icons to represent your Name, Address and Phone. This template is also color coordinated to be pleasing and to also make it easy for you to look for your items and room areas.

Complete Inventory Listing for your House

The design can be customized by going to the Design tab on the Menu Bar and choosing from among the many Quick Table Style formats or by creating your own design.

Keep Track of Property for Every Room

This Home Inventory Template also lets you record all your property and organize them according to room and value. The Inventory Table itself contains the Item Number, Room Area, Item Description, Make/Model, Serial Number, as well as Purchase information such as Purchase Date, Price and the place where you purchased the item. This template also allows you to list the Estimated Current Value of each item. You can even further organize your inventory by indicating whether you have a photo for that specific item.

2014-04-10 07_36_43-Microsoft Excel non-commercial use - Free Home Inventory Template for Excel 2013

Home Inventories can be tedious, long and maybe even confusing. This Free Home Inventory Template for Excel 2013 helps you from avoiding duplicate items as it directs you to systematically store and track all your property into one list. This template also allows you to filter through your inventory based on specific information you need, like the Date of Purchase.

Useful for Insurance Purposes

The Free Home Inventory Template for Excel 2013 can be easily printed out or made part of a presentation for insurance claims. This template helps you get on the right track of getting claims for your lost or damaged property. Aside from insurance, this template can also help you de-clutter and organize your home.

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