Skype Chat Now Available in & OneDrive

If you are an (Hotmail) or OneDrive user who wants to use Skype right from within your internet browser, you can integrate Skype with these Microsoft services. This also means that you can collaborate with Skype contacts real-time while working on your Office Online documents, such as PowerPoint presentation slides or MS Word files.

How to Integrate Skype Chat in & OneDrive

Integrating your Skype account to and OneDrive is easy, just download the Skype plugin to get started. Installing this plugin will enable you to chat with individuals, as well as to start a group chat right from within your Microsoft account, with features like voice and video calls and Skype contact integration.

After going to the link given above, click Get Started.

Integrate Skype with

As is the case with using online services, in the next step you will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions to proceed further.

Agree with Skype terms and conditions

Download and Install Skype Plugin

A Skype plugin will be downloaded on your computer which you need to start to make the integration work with your account. In case the Skype chat option does not appear in the upper right corner of your email address, you might require restarting your browser. Also make sure that your Microsoft account is linked to your Skype account.

Download Skype plugin for

Link Your Skype and Microsoft Accounts

In case you haven’t linked both your accounts, go to this link to merge your Skype and Microsoft accounts. Merging both accounts is necessary to enable Skype chat in and OneDrive.

Link your Skype and Microsoft account

Enjoy Skype Chat from Within & OneDrive

The below screenshot shows Skype chat integrated into You can search and add participants to begin chatting, as well as receive incoming Skype messages. Once the integration is complete, it will be like using Skype without logging in to the desktop or mobile app.

Skype chat in

Collaborate with Skype Contacts While Working in Office Online

The OneDrive integration can be particularly handy when you are working on documents in OneDrive, such as when editing a PowerPoint presentation or Word document using an Office Online web app.

Skype chat in OneDrive

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