3 Ways To Use Skype Without Installing It

Many people don’t like installing resource intensive applications like Skype on their computer or mobile device. Many users also complaint that Skype is buggy and messes up their computer. In such a case one might prefer using Skype without installing it. There are three very easy methods that you can use to chat on Skype …

Skype Chat Now Available in Outlook.com & OneDrive

If you are an Outlook.com (Hotmail) or OneDrive user who wants to use Skype right from within your internet browser, you can integrate Skype with these Microsoft services. This also means that you can collaborate with Skype contacts real-time while working on your Office Online documents, such as PowerPoint presentation slides or MS Word files.

Upload PowerPoint Presentations To Live Skydrive

In PowerPoint 2010 you can upload presentations directly to the cloud using the Save to the Web feature. This will retrieve locations and SkyDrive is one of these possible remote locations where to save files. SkyDrive is a cloud storage solution offered for free from Microsoft and competes directly with Dropbox, Google Drive and Box.net …