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What is WordArt feature in PowerPoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint has a broader variety of tools that allow us to enhance our presentations; one of the most used tools is WordArt. WordArt is a special feature that allows the users to give special effects to the text such as curved text, 3D text, color gradiants, and more. To insert a WordArt you just …

How To Rotate A Picture in PowerPoint

Want to rotate an image that doesn’t seem right when inserted into a slide? How about you rotate it! Rotating images is not only easy in PowerPoint but the options are also quite elaborate for formatting your image to perfection, be it for correcting its alignment or showing your audience a picture from a different …

Personalize and Create Video Presentations with Knovio

Knovio Video Demo

Many presentation professionals struggle with putting their vision into reality. Their creativity may know no bounds, but it all becomes a source of frustration when they can’t translate it clearly and accurately in their presentations and communications materials. Knovio is an advanced tool that you can use to create video presentations.