Customer Satisfaction Survey Template For Excel

As a company that deals with customers, it is important that they are satisfied and happy with your product or service. It is a constant search for improvement as they take on the road towards being the best. And one of the ways to find out what can be improved on is by conducting a customer satisfaction survey.


The Customer Satisfaction Survey Template for Excel is a convenient and reliable template that will allow you to find out the points in your products or services that make your customers happy and satisfied. This will also allow you to get immediate feedback from your customers and find out aspects of your service that needs to be changed or improved on. This template is in Excel and contains premade formula that allows you to see the results of the survey immediately.

Get Survey Results in Real Time

With this survey template, anyone with any Excel knowledge level can create, edit, and send out their own customer satisfaction survey to their customers either online or offline. It comes with a set of easy to understand instructions in the Instructions worksheet tab.


Meanwhile, the other worksheet tab, the Survey tab, contains a table for all the survey questions. This table is set to automatically reflect the responses of the customers as they answer it online. You only need to send them a link via email or through your social media accounts, making it easy for your customers to answer and send back their answers to you.

Easily Customizable Survey Form Template

The questions on the survey form template include the customer’s overall satisfaction on the service that day, the first time they used the service, how frequently they have used the service, if they would recommend the service to a friend, and suggestions to improve the service.

Aside from these questions, you can also add more questions or modify the existing ones to customize to your own company.

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