Apps and tips about instant messaging. These message related posts provide tutorials and reviews for apps that can be used for sending an instant message via mobile phones, tablets and even desktop computers.

Learn how to conduct online conferencing, remote meetings and webinars with the help of famous and less known tools. These messaging applications include apps that allow sending text, voice and video messages.

3 Ways To Use Skype Without Installing It

Many people don’t like installing resource intensive applications like Skype on their computer or mobile device. Many users also complaint that Skype is buggy and messes up their computer. In such a case one might prefer using Skype without installing it. There are three very easy methods that you can use to chat on Skype …

Skype Chat Now Available in & OneDrive

If you are an (Hotmail) or OneDrive user who wants to use Skype right from within your internet browser, you can integrate Skype with these Microsoft services. This also means that you can collaborate with Skype contacts real-time while working on your Office Online documents, such as PowerPoint presentation slides or MS Word files.

All You Need To Know About Skype For Business

Finally, Skype for Business has been launched for global users! Skype is one of the most trusted and preferred platforms to get connected with others universally and with the increasing pace of growing technology, this tool has also got facelift exclusively for the purpose of boosting up your business.

Paid And Free Skype Alternatives For Presentations and Business

In a recent step Microsoft has merged its Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger) with Skype. While this might be great news for common users it is perhaps not the best mashup for business use. This is because enterprise users prefer a more business oriented service and have little or no use for merging personal Windows …

What is Microsoft Lync 2013 And How To Use it For Online Meetings

Microsoft Lync, which was previously known as Microsoft Office Communicator is an instant messenger that is used with the Microsoft Lync Server or via Office 365 with cloud connectivity. Microsoft Lync is basically an enterprise product, (unlike Skype or Windows Live Messenger) and is meant to be used with Microsoft Exchange Server. Like most modern …

Best Tools For Conducting Focus Groups Online

Focus groups are guided discussions often used for qualitative research.  When conducting focus groups, questions are asked to engage participants to gather the opinion of group members. As technology has allowed us to transcend borders, it is now possible to organize focus groups through a wide variety of online tools. In this post we will …

How to Share a PowerPoint Presentation Using Skype

Skype is a good communication software that was recently acquired by Microsoft. Here we will show you how you can use Skype to share a PowerPoint presentation for online meetings, conferences or just creating a demo for users. First, you need to sign in Skype using your credentials. Here you will see the list of …