Pyramid of Goals Diagram for PowerPoint

If you need to prepare a presentation to communicate your corporate strategy or strategy map in PowerPoint then you can get support on this free diagram with pyramid of goals that was created using shapes.

Pyramid of Goals Diagram for PowerPoint

Free Pyramid of Goals PPT template is a free PowerPoint design that you can download for corporate presentations. The slide design has a nice pyramid created using shapes and editable pyramid diagram that you can customize for your own goals and objectives in the organization.

pyramid template

Pyramid of Goals slide template for PowerPoint includes a pyramid design with three levels.

  • On top of the pyramid you can describe your corporate goals as part of the strategic planning.
  • The second level contains sub goals that you can describe for example for the tactical planning in a lower level.
  • The third level contains steps and activities that you will execute as part of the operational planning.

Then there is a big arrow crossing the pyramid from bottom to top with the text Controlling. You can download this free segmented pyramid template for PowerPoint if you need to make scenario planning templates and PowerPoint presentations within your organization or as part of the global corporate strategy. Learn more on how to make your own pyramid using shapes in PowerPoint.

Pyramid of Goals Template for PowerPoint (4749 downloads)

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