Strategy Map

Download free Strategy Map PowerPoint templates and backgrounds for presentations and learn how to build awesome diagrams and strategy map presentations for a group of investors, stakeholders and audience in general. You can learn how to make Strategy Maps with SmartArt objects in PowerPoint 2010, 2013 and older versions of MS Office like PowerPoint 2007. Free Strategy Map templates for PowerPoint can help you to prepare the organization strategy.

Balanced Scorecard & Best BSC PowerPoint Templates

balanced scorecard

There are various strategic management and planning tools to keep projects on track and to assess their progress. One such system is the balanced scorecard. To find out all about what is the balanced scorecard and to get a list of the best BSC PowerPoint Templates, see our detailed guide below.

Free Tree Diagram for PowerPoint Presentations

Branch Tree diagrams are great to show hierarchies, classification, org chart, family trees and other relationships that can be represented and modeled in a tree. Normally, the branch tree diagrams consists of a root node with two or more divisions. Each individual division can have a variable number of additional divisions branching and creating a tree. …

Pyramid of Goals Diagram for PowerPoint

If you need to prepare a presentation to communicate your corporate strategy or strategy map in PowerPoint then you can get support on this free diagram with pyramid of goals that was created using shapes. Free Pyramid of Goals PPT template is a free PowerPoint design that you can download for corporate presentations. The slide …

Porter’s Five Forces Model in PowerPoint 2010 using SmartArt

If you need to create a slide to show Porter’s 5 Forces then here we will show you how to quickly create a PowerPoint graphic using Smart Art. SmartArt is a powerful tool that you can use to make awesome diagrams in PowerPoint in record time. You can create all kind of diagrams from flow …