Domestika Online Courses: Learn New Skills to Climb the Career Ladder

domestika courses for making apps

In the era of YouTube videos and online courses people have moved away from conventional training which required following a hectic schedule and rigid class structure. You can now learn at your own pace, at a time of your convenience. However, YouTube videos aren’t usually sufficient for this purpose and more structured premium courses can …

Animated Military Strategy PowerPoint Template

animated military strategy slide design

A plethora of presentation topics about wars, history of conflicts, political strategies, brinkmanship and political science require military themed slide designs. Using vibrant military themed slide decks for such topics can enable presenters to create visually appealing slides to get their point across effectively. Not to mention military themed slide designs can also be great …

Best Go to Market Strategy Templates For PowerPoint

A go to market plan or a go to market strategy is an organizational plan that is meant to utilize resources to deliver a unique value proposition to customers. Such a plan is meant to help the organization achieve a competitive advantage over its rivals. Let’s take a look at a few basics of a go to market strategy, followed …

Business Strategy Presentation Template For PowerPoint


Business strategy is important in your company or organization’s success. Whether you are a small enterprise or a large, multinational one, a business strategy is crucial in the success in all aspects of the business such as marketing, sales, customer service, finance, and the like.

Animated Baseball Playbook PowerPoint Template

We previously brought you the Animated Football Playbook PowerPoint Template, which can be used for making presentations related to American Football, Rugby and Soccer. The Animated Baseball Playbook PowerPoint Template is a similar sports themed template which exclusively covers different baseball related topics by providing customizable sample slides with baseball related clipart, animations, diagrams, etc.

Animated Football Playbook PowerPoint Template

Presenting football related statistics, general information, strategies and scores in the form of a presentation can be difficult and making such a presentation can take hours of work. For example, you might be a coach looking to present a strategy to your players for the next game or maybe just a football enthusiast looking to …

Awesome Marketing Plan Templates For PowerPoint

Making a marketing plan isn’t all you might have to worry about, as making it look good before a potential client, senior management or your colleagues is equally important. This is why we have compiled a list of some awesome marketing plan templates for PowerPoint to help you present your ideas in style.

5 Step Process For Creating Network Marketing Business Opportunities

It won’t be wrong if we say that networking is the net worth of your business. For a business’ successful performance on a bigger platform, you need to expand your horizons to a wider client base. And all thanks to internet, the greatest invention ever in the field of technology, connecting with the world is …

Free PowerPoint Templates for Super Bowl Presentations

Super Bowl 2014 is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL) and it is now considered by some a de facto American national holiday. If you need to make presentations for Super Bowl Sunday, here are some useful PowerPoint templates (FREE templates) that you can download for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. 1. Free Super Bowl PPT …