Create Graphs To Visualize Ideas With OmniGraphSketcher for iPad

OmniGraphSketcher for iPad is an iOS application for creating graphs to visually display quantitative data. With the help of this simple app, you can instantly sketch graphs using simple drawing tools, add colors and text, as well as shade in important areas. OmniGraphSketcher is a basic sketching app for iPad, which offers all basic options for creating simple graphs. These options allow end users to quickly add labels, draw lines, change a point from a circle to a square, add color to the graph, import data, and turn drawn lines to smooth curves with the help of the sketch recognition feature of OmniGraphSketcher.

While the available options in this app are quite rudimentary, you can create anything from simple to complex graphs in a matter of minutes, with minimum effort. Making graphs with OmniGraphSketcher is as easy as creating PowerPoint slides.

OmniGraphSketcher for iPad

Creating a Graph Using OmniGraphSketcher

When launched, OmniGraphSketcher Provides users with a welcome document to help them get acquainted with the various features of the app. This document offers a step by step guide to help you get started with OmniGraphSketcher. All documents can be viewed via the Documents button from the top left corner of the screen. You can scroll through the Document Gallery to view all saved documents. To create a new document, click New Document from the Document Gallery. Double tab to enter text and use the draw tool to create a free hand sketch.

New Document

This screenshot shows how it is possible to make awesome graphics for known business charts like supply and demand chart, pricewise function, playfair extension, etc.

Changing Graph Style

To change the style of your selection, click the Info button to modify the line type, color and the thickness of the lines. You can add an end point to a document by clicking on a specific part of the canvas and then double tapping the point where the line is to end.

Change Graph Style

Fill Points

You can also select fill points to highlight specific parts of a graph. This can be done by going to the Fill Tool from the top right corner of the interface.

Fill Points

Saving Your Graphs

For online collaboration, your can save you created graphs to an iDisk, WebDAV server or simply convert them to PDF or PNG format.. Furthermore, you can even use the “Copy as Image” option to paste your graph to documents or Keynote. Other options for saving your graph include, the “Send to Photos” option to send the graph to the Photos application, which can be useful for using the graph for a presentation.

Save Graph

For a demonstration regarding the use of OmniGraphSketcher, see the developer’s video given below.

OmniGraphSketcher for iPad costs $14.99. There is also a Mac OS X app for OmniGraphSketcher, which is compatible with the iPad version. To use the iPad version you will require a device running iOS version 5.0 or later.

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