Open Keynote Presentations Online By Using MacinCloud Service

Essentially, Keynote presentations are multimedia packages of sound, text and graphics. They are mainly motivational speeches that are designed to stimulate the audience for the rest of the event. Keynote speakers are recognized for their ability to entertain, communicate and inform the audience.

If you are planning to deliver a Keynote presentation, but are unable to open it on your computer system or don’t have a Mac computer, you can use various alternatives. There is an amazing solution called Hackintosh but that can have copyright implications and isn’t legal. A better alternative is the MacinCloud service.


The MacinCloud service makes it possible to rent a Mac in the cloud and gives online access to Apple manufactured Mac servers in the cloud. Now, let’s have a look at some of the benefits of this magnificent and highly valuable service:

  • ┬áDepending upon your level of usage and requirements, you can simply have an access to diverse service plans. There are monthly plans, weekly plans and a pay as you go packages. Thus, you can choose the one that best suits your budget.
  • Upon your request, the most popular free Mac programs can be easily installed. These open source programs are: iAd Producer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Evernote, Source Tree, OpenOffice, Dropbox, Silverlight, iTunes Producer and more.
  • The biggest advantage of MacinCloud consists of SDK’s such as: Xamarian Studio, Python, Haxe, Homebrew, MoSync, NetBeans, Java JDK, Command Line Tools with gcc, Sencha, LiveCode from RunRev.
  • There are several Mac software that do not require installation and so you can directly run them from your MacinCloud account. Even with a mobile device you can have an access to MacinCloud and may easily run real Mac programs. With this service, you may develop your app on Windows. Further on, you will be in a position to use a rental Mac to build in the cloud.

One more thing you need to consider is that once you rent the server, you will have to buy Apple’s office suite, iWork.

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