Upload And Share Your Presentations, Magazines And E-Books With ISSUU

ISSUU is a web service for sharing and exploring digital publications uploaded by common users. Whether you wish to share a blog, magazine, tutorial, e-book, PowerPoint Presentation or some other type of content that you wish to publish online, you can use ISSUU to upload and share it with a wide range of audience. In short, ISSUU can be considered as the YouTube of digital publications, where anyone can share any type of publication for global readers.

Publish Your Content And Reach Millions Of Readers For Free

ISSUU is quite similar to Scribd and Glossi, however, your publication will have to be uploaded only after it is complete. At ISSUU millions of readers come to view free publications created and shared by other people, be it related to photography, business, sports or technology.


You can get started with ISSUU by signing up or click “Facebook Me in” to login using your Facebook profile. Once logged in, you will be asked to select a few topics that interest you, after which you can click Get Started to proceed further.

Select Topics of Interest

Search Publications From Others Or Upload Your Own

When you login, a feed displays publications from other users, according to your selected topics. You can also search for publications or upload your own e-books, magazines, presentations and even content for e-learning purposes. With ISSUU, the possibilities of sharing and finding digital publications are endless.

Search and Upload Publications

To upload your own content, click Upload and select a file. You can also drag and drop your files to your browser.

upload your own content

The below image show a PPT (PowerPoint) file being uploaded to ISSUU.

Upload PPT File

After the file has been uploaded, enter a name and description for the publication and click Publish Now.

Publish Now

Once your digital publication is online, you can share it via direct link, embed code and the given sharing buttons. Users can also download your publication if you enable the respective option before publishing your file.

Share Your Publication Online

So, if you are looking to publish your content online and wish to reach a large number of readers to share your press release, product demos, e-books or presentations, then try ISSUU.


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