Download Windows 8 PowerPoint Templates To Create Modern UI Prototypes

One of the less known functionality of PowerPoint is its utility as a tool for creating mockups, wireframes and UI designs. If you are looking to quickly create a prototype for the Windows 8  Modern UI (Metro UI) then you should see the amazing Windows 8 Modern UI PowerPoint Templates at

windows8templates Prototyping Slide

Create Prototypes For Windows 8 And Windows Phone 8

The bundles available at Windows8Templates provide a wide range of PowerPoint Templates with a library of Modern UI elements for making Modern UI prototypes and user interface designs for apps, without the need for using complex image manipulation tools. The library items within the given bundles contain icon packs, shapes and wireframes to help you create an infinite variety of designs. In fact, Windows8Templates provides entire wireframing and mockup toolkits to make Modern UI prototyping a breeze.

Create Elaborate Prototypes For Windows 8 And Windows Phone 8

Fully Customizable Modern UI PowerPoint Templates

Another great feature of the bundles offered by the templates at “Windows8Templates” is the ability to fully customize them using PowerPoint. In fact, you can use the most rudimentary PowerPoint features to customize these templates, such as Picture and drawing tools. Furthermore, you can mix and mash the given library items with your own images, videos and text to fashion a Modern UI design which may suit your needs. The availability to use basic PowerPoint features can not only help developers and designs but can be a blessing for novice and intermediate computer users to create Modern UI prototypes which may reflect their ideas, (e.g. a client who may wish to communicate his ideas to an app developer).

Windows 8 Prototyping Kit

Create Elaborate Modern UI Designs in Just A Few Minutes

The template bundles at Windows8Templates eliminate the need for spending hours in making Modern UI prototypes, as you can use various elements from within the given template libraries to create your designs in the form of PowerPoint slides.

Create Elaborate Modern UI Designs in Just A Few Minutes

Save Money And Avoid The Hassle Of Using Complex Image Editing Tools

If you are a programmer, it is quite likely that you may not be very crafty with applications like CorelDraw or PhotoShop. And even if you were good at using such applications, creating mockups with them can be a headache.  Even Visio can take hours of work before one may be able to create a design which may look good enough to impress a client. Furthermore, PowerPoint provides various easy methods to convert your slides to various image and video formats, which gives you the extra flexibility of getting things done via one application and can help save hundreds of dollars in buying an advanced image editing tool.

Windows Phone 8 Prototyping Template

Wide Variety Of Modern UI Bundles provides a wide variety of Modern UI bundles in different prices, ranging from a free icon pack to a $34 wireframing toolkit and even a complete Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 bundle for just $99.

Wide Variety Of Modern UI Bundles

To find out more about how you can benefit from these Modern UI bundles, see the video given below.

So, whether you require making a UI design for a Windows 8 or WP8 app or wish to create designs for a Modern UI theme or tweak, the bundles at Windows8Templates can help you create an infinite combination of designs in no time.

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