Mockups and PowerPoint presentations

Mockups are widely used by UI and software developers or designers to design a User Interface prior to make a presentation. Software Wireframes and mockup is also used for rapid prototyping for websites or applications. Mocking up user experience designs can be useful to validate a design with the client and should be a fast task because sometimes the wireframe need to be revised or discarded during early-stage or later stages of a designs process.

First draft mockups are about exploring as many promising directions possible before picking just one possible idea or direction of work. Mockups and prototyping are also used in agile development, brainstorming a screen flow, or mocking a renovated experience. Usually during the mockup or prototyping process it is not a pixel perfection what the team is looking, it is more like a proof-of-concept.

Mockup design in PowerPoint

Maureen Kelly wrote here about rapid and interacting prototyping in PowerPoint where you can learn how to make interactive prototypes using hyperlinks and other objects embedded in the PowerPoint slide. In her website you can find a free PowerPoint template for mockups and prototyping. Maureen has designed enterprise and consumer software for TiVo, Kana, and other companies in the San Francisco Bay Area and she has gained lot of experience on this field.

Mockups and PowerPoint presentations

Use a free prototyping software for wireframe design

However, there are some other alternatives and method to embed prototypes in your PowerPoint presentation. Especially if you want to keep the mockup design separated from the presentation. There are lot of other prototyping tools, mockup design software, wireframe, mokup software. You can find free and paid alternatives.

Pencil Project is a free mockup software that you can download for rapid prototyping and user interface designs. Pencil Project can be download for free from the website and runs standalone mode or in Firefox as an add-on. We recommend to download the standalone package so you can keep it under control out of the browser scope.

You can free download Pencil from this URL:

prototype powerpoint

With Pencil Project you can design awesome UI and user interfaces for mobile applications, websites or web applications easily. It can also be useful for presentation prototyping enabling you to make awesome mockups for your next PowerPoint presentations.

Then, from Pencil Project you can export your work to PNG files and embed the images in your PowerPoint slides. This can be achieved easily by inserting images in separate slides or import png files into powerpoint slides.