New Product Diffusion Curve Slide for PowerPoint

New Product Diffusion is the process by which a new idea or new product is accepted by the market and it is a concept widely used in business presentations and product development. We have created a free slide in PowerPoint that you can use to display a New Product Adoption curve in your PowerPoint presentations.

The rate of the diffusion will depend on the product’s perceived advantage or benefit, the riskiness of purchase, the ease of product use and complexity, but also for immediacy of benefits, theĀ Observability and trialability and the price.

This free PowerPoint template contains a single slide with an example on how to use the New Product Adoption Curve containing different sections (areas) for Innovators, Early Adopters, Early Majority, Late Majority and the Laggards.

You can also classify these steps and events in Tech Enthusiasts, Visionaries, Pragmatists, Conservatives and Skeptics.

Here you can download a simple New Product Adoption PowerPoint slide design with a New Product Diffusion diagram. Instead, you can download Bass Curve for PowerPoint as a model of Technology Diffusion or you can learn more about Technology Diffusion of InnovationsĀ here.

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