Animated Triangle Peeks Modern Design PowerPoint Template

Modern design was made famous by the Windows 8 Modern UI, which was renamed from ‘Metro UI’. The concept soon caught up, with a sense of using less space for showing more information with the help of tiled or small segments of design. This design format has also long been used in PowerPoint templates and can be quite useful for making easy to present presentation slides. Animated Triangle Peeks Modern Design PowerPoint Template makes use of modern design presentation elements to provide visually appealing slides.

Triangle peeks modern design powerpoint template

Modern Design Slides with Replaceable Elements

There are 8 sample slides with designs that can be adapted for different types of topics. Some of the slides also come with sample icons. The icons, images, and other elements are replaceable since this is a premium template that is quite easy to customize.

Triangle peeks modern template

The sample slides can be used to introduce your company, topic, projects, and organizational history. There are slides that can be a bit heavy on text and slides that can be better for making summaries or infographics with some basic labels.

Facts about us

Tile UI for Ease of Presenting

You can use the available slides to create roadmaps and timelines. These can be projected using simple slide layouts where a few labels can help you describe the slide. Since this is a modern UI slide design, it leans heavily on an interface similar to tiles or small elements acting as placeholders to carry the basic message on each slide. There is also a lot of whitespace in slides that can help make them easy on the eyes.

History timeline for PowerPoint

You can also create slides to discuss financial and business trends by editing the placeholders in the tile like content slides. In the slide shown below, you can add financial information, with a small description at the bottom to create a slide that is not text-heavy and yet conveys the topic using a simple interface.

Financial information slide design

The same format applies to other slides that mix simplicity, with ease of presenting by giving an uncomplicated layout.

Future goals slide design

This modern background design template also contains animations that make the content visually appealing. You can add information and preview these effects using Slide Show mode in PowerPoint.

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