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Tasks like time tracking, project management, project evaluation and billing clients is now being done using cloud computing. This is why there has been a rise in cloud computing services offering the aforementioned services. In previous posts we have reviewed many such web services including Azendoo, FreeCRM, Planzone, LiquidPlanner and Doolphy. While the aforementioned services have some excellent project management features, there are also other tools which can help you make the most out of your available resources. Harvest is a feature rich web service which makes it possible for users to manage projects online, perform project analysis, collaborate with colleagues, track time spent on each project and bill clients directly from an easy to use Dashboard.

If you are looking for a cloud based solution to manage your clients and workforce or are a freelancer who needs to keep track of projects and bill clients online, then Harvest can provide you with a comprehensive solution to get the job done. Harvest not only allows managing projects but also generates visual reports to help you keep an eye on productivity and profits without the need for creating elaborate PowerPoint presentations.

Harvest is a Simple Online Time Tracking Software

Like any other online service, you will require signing up for an  account. During the sign up process you can select your company name as a part of your profile’s URL (e.g. for creating a professional looking profile that can reflect the business name of your company or yourself (as an individual).

Sign Up For Harvest Account

In the next step, you will be asked to verify your personal information, including the currency, date format, they day your business week starts from (e.g. Monday), primary industry and number format.

Verify Information

After the sign up process you are provided with an easy to use Dashboard with many self explanatory options. Using the available options you can start a new project, begin tracking time for added projects, invoice clients and invite co-workers.

Create a Project

When creating a new project you can select a client, enter a project name an optional project code, billing information (if applicable) and notes). In case your project is not billable you can select the option to disable billing (This project is not billable).


The tabs from the top of your Dashboard allow adding, viewing and managing reports, timesheets, invoices and estimates.


In case you require inviting users, adding tasks, expense categories or clients, head over to the Manage tab.

Manage Tasks

Harvest also has applications for mobile devices including iPhone, Android and Mac computers. Furthermore, Harvest has add-ons for various web services including Salesforce, Google Apps, Trello, Basecamp, Zendesk, Highrise and others. This means that you can even track time for projects via Twitter, Gmail, and web apps like Zendesk.

Harvest Add-ons

Harvest has three packages including the Solo package worth $12 per month, Basic package which costs $40 per month and Business package worth $90 per month. The Solo package offers up to 3 users, whereas the Basic and Business packages come with additional features like Timesheet Approval and the option to add more users than the Solo package. You can also use Harvest on a 30-day trial basis.

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