Automate Management Of Your Sales Team With FreeCRM

Customer Relationship Management or CRM platforms act as a bridge between the company and customers by providing some measure of control and coordination between the two. Some of the most well-known examples of a CRM include services like Salesforce and Salespod. However, both these services are paid. Free CRM is a web service that can help you acquire a free Customer Relationship Management system with many customization options. Furthermore, you can even acquire detailed reports about projects and dashboards instead of compiling elaborate PowerPoint presentations.

Free CRM

Free CRM can be best described as a “web based software solution” for customer management and the automation of business related processes. With the help of this web service you can not only improve coordination with your customers but also automate the processing of sales related data. As the service is available for free, you can start off by signing up for a free account, after which you will be given the option to add company data in a detailed form.

Company Information

During the sign up process you will also be given the chance to add users. These users can include company employees, customers and other related individuals who may require access to the data being processed via your CRM.

User Data

The FreeCRM Dashboard is highly customizable and using the options on the top menu you can save details regarding various Companies, Contacts, Deals, Tasks, etc. Like Salesforce, FreeCRM is a contact and lead tracking service which can be used to log and keep an eye on your sales. Furthermore, you can save contact information, view project timelines and manage tickets for customer issues.


Likewise, you can import or export different types of data (e.g. contact information), automate and improve business processes, manage advanced marketing campaigns, automate reporting and more. While the basic services offered by FreeCRM are free, you can acquire more advanced services by acquiring a paid package.

Import and export data

The free package is limited to 3 users and offers only the very fundamental CRM functions, however the paid packages provide SSL encryption, VOIP support via Skype and Vonage, email, chat and phone support, Synchronization with BlackBerry, Outlook, Google Calendar and Google Contacts, support for Windows Phone and PocketPC, as well as unlimited data and record storage. The paid packages of FreeCRM cost between $14.95 to $39.95 per month.

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