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When managing projects it can be confusing to keep an eye on multiple tasks related to different projects. In such a case it can be often difficult for the project manager to track the progress of each task assigned to a subordinate and to verify the progress of various ongoing projects. Azendoo is an online collaboration and project management service that has been designed to save time spent on everyday project management tasks. The aim of Azendoo is to provide multiple, customizable workspaces for managers so that they can organize numerous projects within an easy to use UI.

Azendoo - Collaborative Task Management

To get started, create a free Azendoo account or sign up with your Google account. If you choose to sign up with a Google account you will be asked to allow access to your basic information and Google Drive. As Azendoo comes with Google Drive integration, this feature can help you manage your documents from Google Drive by sharing them as projects. Furthermore, Azendoo also comes with Evernote integration which allows turning your notes to project resources.

Sign Up

During the Sign up process you will be asked to name your workspace, invite collaborators and add subjects for your workspace (e.g. Project Tasks).

Add Project Name

You can organize and keep an eye on important project tasks via your Workspace. From your Workspace you can invite collaborators, share tasks with your team, assign tasks to users in the form of “Subjects”, add additional workspaces (for better task management) and post messages that only users from a particular subject can view. Other features in the workspace include Task Notifications, Subject Request, Messages (Inbox) and Tasks sections. The Notifications area alerts the user of the latest happenings related to his/her projects, whereas you can see subject requests and add tasks for better management of your projects from the Subject Requests and Tasks sections. The Workspace also displays a summary of your tasks, including information about late, nearest, upcoming and delegated tasks.

Azendoo is free for use up to 10 members. The paid packages of Azendoo range from $30-$300 per month (depending upon the number of users). In case your requirement is to collaborate with 100+ users, you will have to contact the developer.


As Azendoo is a web service, you can access it from anywhere via a browser. However, an Android and iOS app is about to be released in the near future.

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