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Liquid Planner is an online project management web service that provides a number of unique features that similar services often lack. With LiquidPlanner you can not only add projects and acquire a realistic timeline for their completion but also set project priorities in a way that ensures that no project is given the same level of priority, hence making it possible to keep only realistic schedules. Some of the major features of LiquidPlanner include convenient options for project management, scheduling events, online collaboration, time tracking, project analysis and document sharing (e.g. sharing of PowerPoint files).

Unlike other feature rich web services of its kind, LiquidPlanner does not require the user to provide any billing information to test drive the service on a 30-day trial basis. All you have to do is to fill a simple sign up form and activate your account via activation email.


Once logged in, you are provided with a Dashboard that has all major options listed in convenient sections. While the options available in the given sections are quite self-explanatory, it can be a little overwhelming to find so many options. The most likely problem that you might face after logging in is to try to figure out where to begin from and which option to use first. This is why you should refer to the video given below to get an overview of the options in the Dashboard.

LiquidPlanner Dashboard

A break-down of the available features in your LiquidPlanner Dashboard are as follows:

Project Management And Scheduling Features

You can add an unlimited amount of projects, tasks and clients, as well as reorganize items in the Dashboard via drag and drop. Furthermore, you can import MS Excel and MS Project files, duplicate projects to easily create a new project template and access your history to keep an eye on previous tasks. The option to duplicate a project template can be of immense help if you are looking to create a new project with similar attributes to a former project. You can also schedule projects by priority, assign and delay deadlines, print a schedule in PDF format and automatically re-schedule projects.


Project Collaboration and Tracking Features

The Dashboard provides you with sections to comment on tasks and projects. You can also use your inbox to send and receive emails, with 50GB of document storage space. There are also other common options such as notifications, Box (web service) and calendar integration, etc. The tracking options include integrated timesheets which can be tied to manager approval, customizable activity codes, a chart of the remaining work, charts that display estimated and date drift trends, as well as the utility to extract timesheet in CSV, XML and Quickbooks format.

Project Collaboration

Project Analytics, Portals And Other Features

Additional features include numerous reports for custom projects and tasks, CSV export to perform a detailed analysis of reports, project portals to collaborate with other users (e.g. clients), SSL protection for your data and mobile apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices to help you manage your projects on the go.

Additional Features

For a detailed overview of all features, see the video given below.

LiquidPlanner costs $29 for the monthly payment package and $24 per month if you choose to prepay for a year.

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