Assign Tasks And Comprehensively Track Project Progress With Doolphy

Doolphy is an online project management tool to plan, monitor and organize projects. It has been designed to work for both individual users and corporations by providing features such as customized access rights, timesheets, PowerPoint like Gantt charts, financial and user reports, file sharing, project archiving, calendar support, etc. With the help of Doolphy, project managers can manage their teams by tracking project deadlines and progress, assigning tasks to other users and keeping an eye on the progress of each project with the help of detailed reports and charts.

Online Project Management Software Doolphy

Smart Planner

The Smart Planner is one of the major features of Doolphy. It allows creating and planning projects easily within the Doolphy Dashboard. Using the Smart Planner you can add new projects, tasks,  deadlines and get a quick overview of them in the form of detailed charts.


Customer Information

One of the features that many project management tools lack is the option to save customer data online. Unlike other project management web services, Doolphy allows saving your customer information within its database, which can be accessed anytime using the Dashboard. This provides the utility to not only track progress of numerous projects but also to instantly acquire relevant information about any customer. The information that you can add for your customers includes information such as the customer’s name, phone number, address, I.D, etc.

Project List

Comprehensive Project Tracking Features

Other features of Doolphy include the option to track tasks assigned to subordinates, expense tracking, the utility to share files with other users, notifications for project activity and user stats to find out how many resources are being utilized for each project.

PLanning Report

Doolphy has 3 packages including the Basic (worth 12€ per month), Premium (worth 35€ per month) and Enterprise (worth 100€ per month) package. You can sign up for a fully functional 30-day trial after signing up for a Doolphy account. It is worth mentioning here that you can only sign up for a trial after providing your payment credentials with money back guarantee. Such a model is used by organizations to provide a service on an initial 30-day trial basis, after the payment has been made. Also check out some other project management and online collaboration services including Asana, SalesPod, Webplanner and AP4 Project Managers.

Update 2022-11: Unfortunately, Doolphy is no longer available as a tool.

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  1. We developed and use Tracky, which is not only a project management tool like Doolphy but also a social collaboration platform. Using Tracky you can chat online and even publish tracks or blogs to other social media sites. With Tracky your account stays with you for life so you never lose those important contacts. You can use our platform to create as many groups as you want and can assign different users to each group. As with other platforms we continue to improve and add features by listening to our customer feedback. At the moment Tracky is free but eventually a fee of US$5 per month will be charged for accounts with more than 5 groups.

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