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Last updated on September 21st, 2020

We have previously reviewed a number of PowerPoint add-ins and tools that can help you supercharge PowerPoint. Recently, we came across a PowerPoint add-in by the name of Power-user, which as the name suggests is a tool that can help make the most novice PowerPoint users create presentations like a Pro.

Poweruser Ribbon for PowerPoint 2017

How Can Power-user Enhance Your Productivity?

In the jargon of nerds and IT pros with horn-rimmed glasses sitting in quiet corners of chilling server rooms, a Power User is a term used to describe an experienced computer user capable of advanced use of software applications, hardware configurations and system administration.

PowerUser Add-In for PowerPoint & Excel
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Power-user is a productivity software that enables awesome new features to save time on PowerPoint and Excel. You can get beautiful content directly into your presentation from our library containing thousands of icons, slide templates, editable maps, diagrams, pictures and advanced charts. Appealing content will make your presentation stand out and help you make an impression.

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Luckily, you can save yourself from the aforementioned grim realities of life by simply using the Power-user! This plugin not only provides some very nice features such as the ability to add editable maps, illustrations, icons and to make use of Modern UI like slides that come with the plugin; but it also simplifies access to important PowerPoint options that you might have to otherwise find using convoluted menus. Hence, making you a ‘Power User’ (at least as far as PowerPoint is concerned), by making it easy to design professional looking presentations.

Insert Editable Maps, Diagrams, Icons, Illustrations & Create Gantt Charts

Once you have installed the Power-user, the first thing you might notice are the reinvigorated features. In the Power-user tab the Insertion menu not only simplifies access to commonly used default features but also provides access to maps, illustrations, icons, diagram elements, special charts, with an exclusive option for making Gantt charts. Since Microsoft killed clipart a while back; having access to 1000 icons, royalty-free stock images and a range of diagram making options can definitely help not only serve as a clipart alternative but also make it possible for you to design custom diagrams using nothing more than drag and drop.

Highly Customizable Maps with the Option to Separate Regional Maps

The below screenshot shows an editable map of the United States that was fetched via Power-user. The maps provided by this add-in are quite flexible and you can easily add/edit labels, recolor and single out provincial/regional maps according to need. For example, say you want to highlight the map of Oregon separately; you can do so by separating it via drag and drop. Moreover, you can easily resize and recolor maps to suit your needs.

Needless to say, the same applies for other maps available via Power-user, which includes maps for different continents, regions (e.g. EU) and countries. In case you can’t find the map for your country individually, you can always extract it from the World Map.

We hope that as the add-in expands its features, the developer will add individual maps for more countries. I for one missed a standalone map of Pakistan in the add-in and I’m sure I know someone who would have liked to have the map of Uruguay in there.

Choose Content from a Vast Library of Icons & Stock Photos

Power-user also provides stock photos and icons that make up for the loss of the clipart killed off by Microsoft.

These high-resolution images and icons can help you design better presentations without the need for searching the web for images which might be protected under copyrights or come with those nasty watermarks. Needless to say, the icons, photos and other content offered by Power-user is yours to use without any limitations.

Create Complex Diagrams & Charts in a Flash

One fine feature of Power-user is that it simplifies the creation of complex diagrams by providing a range of diagram making options. As shown in the image below, you can easily generate a circular diagram by defining the number of arrows and picking a color.

Similarly, you can create a range of diagrams such as; pyramid, matrix, value chain, relationship, rating, Harvey ball and circular diagrams. Similarly, you can use the Gantt Chart and Special Charts functionality from the Insertion menu in the Power User tab for making professional looking charts.

Add Colorful Sticky Notes to Collaborate with Colleagues

Another fun feature of Power-user is that you can use sticky notes to collaborate with others who may be working on the same presentation. You can add sticky notes in different colors, where each color specifies a specific type of problem. Alternatively, you and your colleagues can specify a color that they will use to add comments and respond to queries.
When sharing your slides with colleagues, you can also hide these notes to keep the slides uncluttered.

Add Miniature Slides

To provide a brief preview of a slide with another, you can even add miniature slides. This Mini Slide option can be quite handy to give a quick comparison between two slides to an audience or individual.

Create a Summary Slide

You can use the Add Summary option in the Insertion menu to create a summary slide of selected slides. This will allow you to instantly generate a slide with the titles of all selected slides and even allow you to switch to any of the slides by clicking the title from the summary slide.

Add Progress Bar to Show How Much of the Presentation is Left

Quite often, the audience is left in a fix when they are unaware of how much of the presentation is left. This can result in boredom and early exit of people who might anticipate the presentation to be longer than it might actually be.
Power-user gives a feature that enables your audience to know how much of the presentation has been covered by adding a progress bar. You can pick a color, font and location for the Progress Bar to insert in your slides in an unobtrusive manner.

PowerUser Add-In for PowerPoint & Excel
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Power-user is a productivity software that enables awesome new features to save time on PowerPoint and Excel. You can get beautiful content directly into your presentation from our library containing thousands of icons, slide templates, editable maps, diagrams, pictures and advanced charts. Appealing content will make your presentation stand out and help you make an impression.

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Add Progress Bar to a PowerPoint Presentation in Power-User

Search & Find Power-user Features

Power-user also comes with a search option which enables finding any of the add-in’s features instantly, by typing a keyword or phrase. Just click the magnifying glass option and a search window will pop-up, where you can instantly find any feature in a flash. The Power-user search utility also provides a brief explanation of every feature that shows up in the search.

Search and find Power-User Features in PowerPoint presentations

More than 150 Slides with Diagrams and Useful Layouts

You can also make use of the slides offered by default by this plugin. To explore the available slides, head over to the Reuse menu and go to Templates to pick and choose from a plethora of Modern UI like slide designs.

Two other features of the Reuse menu that are very handy include the Save Slides & Clipboard option.

The Save Slides option saves all your slides to the library so that you can create your own library of presentation templates for use anytime. In other words, you can save copies of certain slides so that you can reuse them for other presentations from your library.

The Reuse menu also offers a Clipboard option that can help you fetch content from your clipart history from up to 24 items.

Translate Paragraphs within Slides

The Text menu provides the utility to unify fonts, change language to avoid spelling mistakes (when working with multiple languages) and to acquire instant translation within slides.

See some examples in the following presentation hosted at SlideShare.

Clean Your Slides by Removing Unwanted Content

When designing a presentation with dozens of slides one can often miss out on removing those annoying empty text-boxes. With Power-user you can choose to remove double blanks, empty placeholders, footers, animations and transitions in just a click. These formatting options are located in the Format menu. Other options in this section enable you to reset your layout and to replace, add and remove various slide elements.

Copy & Apply Shape Formatting using Pipette

The Format menu also provides a number of other handy features such as the Pipette, which can help you copy the formatting of a shape, which you can later apply in a combination of your choice. Just select a shape and click Pipette – Copy Format. To apply the changes, select a shape and click Pipette – Apply Format. This will provide you with a dialog box like the one shown below, from where you can pick and choose previously copied features to apply to a shape.

The following video demonstrate the use of the Pipette feature provided by Power-user in a real presentation.

Align Multiple Shapes & Objects

The Alignment section in Power-user provides a wide variety of alignment features that can help align shapes and objects, swap the position of slide objects, stack shapes, etc.

You can select various objects to fix their alignment according to your slide design requirements by using the different alignment options in the Alignment section. These options allow alignment of objects to the left, right, top, bottom, center & middle.

You can also distribute objects horizontally or vertically; with or without spacing. There are also options to help you symmetrically align multiple shapes around the middle axis of the slide.

Power-user Introductory Video

To find out more about how Power-user can make your presentations more powerful, see the developer’s introductory video.

Height and Width Removed

The Verdict

Power-user not only provides additional features to supercharge PowerPoint but also makes it easy to access useful options in a unified tab. For example, you might find it a bit annoying to look for the password protection option in PowerPoint, which depending upon the version you’re using, can be hidden under convoluted menus. Power-user brings these options under just a few menus, helping you gain access to various formatting and slide management features more conveniently.

You can take Power-user for a spin by downloading the VIP version (for FREE) following the link at the end of this article.

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