Best Earth Designs For PowerPoint Presentations

There are various presentation topics where one requires depicting an image of Earth. This can include anything from a geography presentation to presentations related to space and commerce. Here are some Earth designs for PowerPoint presentations for presenters who might need Earth themed presentation content.

Animated Traffic Earth PowerPoint Template

This is an elegantly designed slide deck which depicts a network of roads with running traffic across a spherical shape resembling Earth. The template comes with a wide range of slide designs with clipart and animations tied to technology, transportation, travel, tourism, etc.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Traffic Earth PowerPoint Template

Animated Space Calculations PowerPoint Template

This animated slide deck provides some awesome animations depicting outer space, earth, rockets, the moon and more. You can use this presentation for making slide decks for school presentations, children’s storyboards designed in PowerPoint, for making infographics and the like.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Space Calculations PowerPoint Template

Earth Majestic Text Video Background for PowerPoint

This custom text video background depicts an animation of Earth revolving with a line of text that you can customize. To customize the template, go to the download page, add your text to the custom text section and download the template as a PowerPoint, Mp4, MOV or WMV file.

The PowerPoint version of this template downloads with a single slide running the default video background with your added text. You can also add text, images and logos on top of the video embedded slide. To review changes, switch to Slide Show mode.

Go to Presenter Media – Earth Majestic Text Video Background for PowerPoint

Global Network Animated Clipart

This animated clipart depicts a spinning animation of planet Earth with lines running across the globe. These lines are meant to depict data and networks symbolically. Hence, the clipart is symbolic for presenting global connectivity. You can download this animated clipart as a GIF animation or alternatively, as an MOV file.

Go to Presenter Media – Global Network Animated Clipart

You can download more Earth clipart, animations and PowerPoint templates from the links below.

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