Animated Info Tech PowerPoint Template

Info tech slides

Info tech is the name of a PowerPoint template that gives you a soft blast of cool colors to create information technology-related presentations. Unlike conventional IT themed presentation decks, the Animated Info Tech PowerPoint Template provides color tones that are easy on the eyes, mixed with images, infographics, and mockup slides.

How To Use Custom Icons as Bullet Point in PowerPoint

Bullet points are a vital element in any presentation, helping you to organize and convey information in a visually appealing and easy-to-digest manner. However, the default bullet points in PowerPoint can become monotonous, especially if you use them frequently in your presentations. Customizing bullet points with icons is a creative way to add a touch …

Wingdings & Webdings Chart

Recently Microsoft introduced a brand new section in Microsoft Office programs where you can insert Icons, but there are still many people using the Wingdings & Webdings characters in Office documents, so we have created this simple Webdings Charts mapping the characters to each symbol, so it can be used as a Wingdings translator. Free …