Domestika Online Courses: Learn New Skills to Climb the Career Ladder

domestika courses for making apps

In the era of YouTube videos and online courses people have moved away from conventional training which required following a hectic schedule and rigid class structure. You can now learn at your own pace, at a time of your convenience. However, YouTube videos aren’t usually sufficient for this purpose and more structured premium courses can …

Free Managerial Skills Template for PowerPoint

Managers are the cornerstone of organizations. A good manager can uplift even a weak team, whereas a bad manager can bring down the best employees. The Free Managerial Skills Template for PowerPoint presents two diagram slides which can be used for presentations related to managers, managerial skills, brainstorming, teamwork, etc.

Free Buzzword PowerPoint Template

You might want to highlight some buzzwords in the title slide or to create a layout where certain words our highlighted throughout the presentation. The Free Buzzword PowerPoint Template gives an editable slide deck where you can highlight certain buzzwords. the template provides an editable megaphone illustration with some words coming out of it. You …

Free Geometry PowerPoint Template

One of the topics for which it is quite hard to find a good presentation template is geometry. Somehow, there aren’t many good templates available for geometry, or at least not free ones. However, there are always exceptions. The Free Measurement PowerPoint Template is not only a great geometry PowerPoint template but it even comes …

Free Balance Scale With Money Bags PowerPoint Template

To balance the scales, sometimes you need some cash! Be it quality advertisement for making your brand get noticed, or the need for R&D to stay ahead of competition. Free Balance Scale with Money Bags PowerPoint Template shows different illustrations of money bags tipping the scales in different directions. Free Online Drawing Software & Flowchart Maker

There are a number of online drawing software and online flow chart tools like LucidChart, Smartsheet and Grapholite, however, most come with very rudimentary features, unless you upgrade to a paid version. Moreover, even the ones which come with no strings attached are too laborious to use. A primary example of the latter is Google …

Animated School Isometrics PowerPoint Template

Isometric designs give a new perspective to presentations, making them more visually appealing and interesting. Unfortunately, isometric template designs are often not widely available, with the exception of a few third-party developer’s.

Download Animated Isometric PowerPoint Templates & Clipart at Presenter Media

Over the years we have been covering many premium and free PowerPoint background graphics and presentation templates, animations and clipart images from Presenter Media. The neatly crafted layouts and amazing designs always make Presenter Media’s content stand out from other third-party websites, as the graphics are high-quality, with interesting animations. In a recent move, Presenter …

How To Use Google Drawings For Making Drawings Online

Google Drawings is a web app for making diagrams and illustrations online. This app can be used for making all kinds of diagrams and drawings, ranging from flowcharts, mind maps, concept maps to complex organizational charts, wireframes, mockups, comics and the like.

How To Make 3D Battery Graphics For PowerPoint Using Shapes

3D Battery illustrations are often used in technology and business related presentations for making diagrams, charts and to elaborate different trends using visual aid. If you want to create professional looking 3D battery graphics for PowerPoint presentations, then here is a simple tutorial for you.