How To Send Large PowerPoint Files Over The Internet

This post is about the most apparent issue regarding how to send large PowerPoint files over the Internet. Although, it’s actually too early to discuss about ‘complete death of e-mail,’ numerous options have come forth such as Adobe Acrobat collaboration, messaging, WebOS, instant extranets, cloud computing, wikis and many other that address shortcomings of e-mail’s. There are 3 major solutions for this ongoing issue. Let us now have a look at the solutions.

Upload Files To A Website Or Presentation Sharing Service

The very first solution is quite easy. If you’ve got your own website then there you can easily upload the selected PowerPoint file and after that you can copy the URL and send it to the person who needs it. Of course, you can also upload your PowerPoint presentations to a service like SlideOnline to convert it into a shareable online presentation.


Use A File Sharing Service

The second solution is also very simple. All you have to do while sending large files is that you can now make use of various “free file drop websites” such as DropSend, Send Anywhere, TransferBigFiles, YouSendIt, WeTransfer, FileSavr, MediaFire, RapidShare, FileFactory and more. As these sites let you upload any file with the use your own browser then with the help of that you can send the link or else they can also provide the link which you can copy and paste into the help forum message.

Remember to delete any crucial data or information that you do not want to share with the other person. Make a double click to check any entrenched spreadsheet, chart or other document for hidden information and if you find any, “Delete” that. You can also ZIP all files for more ease as every file will be in the same folder.


Compress Pictures Before Sending PowerPoint Files

The reason for large PowerPoint presentations is that presenters often put several images in the slide of the Power Point just to give it a more attractive design. Talking about, Power Point 2010, it gives you ease to optimize your favorite images in the presentation. It can be done by selecting the image/picture and then clicking the Format (Picture Tool tab), followed by “Compress Pictures”. This will let you compress all the images you have put in the presentation slides. Now, if there is any waste or unnecessary KB/MB in the file that you are going to send, you can delete it and also delete it from “delete cropped areas”. This solution will surely help you in reducing the file size approximate 50%.

Compress Pictures

Send Large Files via Email as Links

Are you interested in learning how do you send a large PowerPoint file via email? Some email providers will block large files (bigger than 10Mb for example). However, you can still send PowerPoint files via email as links. Generating a Dropbox link that can be shared online and copied in an email is an option.

Hope this article has given you ample knowledge on how to send large presentations through the Internet. Also see our post about Best Services To Quickly Share Large Files And Presentations.

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