How To Publish A PowerPoint Presentation Online

Creating attractive and stunning PowerPoint presentations for your business events requires lot of time & efforts. In order to get the maximum of your efforts put in making these beautiful presentations, you can make them Live on your business website or blog.

Convert PowerPoint to webpage

Following are various methods that you can use to save and publish a PowerPoint presentation as a webpage helping you to attract more customers towards your online business:

Upload it to a presentation sharing service

If you want the simplest method to share your presentation on a webpage, then opting for SlideOnline is the most desired option. You can very easily upload your PPT or PDF files to SlideOnline and this amazing utility will convert your files into shared media. This is a very useful method to publish PPT online as the viewers get the choice of viewing the slides in full screen format. Other services that you can use include; AuthorStream and SlideShare.

Upload it to your website as a downloadable file

As the name suggests, you can easily upload your PowerPoint presentation on your webpage, where you find it feasible and can very easily create a link according to your choice. This will allow the visitors to click on your file and download it for easy viewing on their computers. Also, you can easily integrate your presentation to your webpage making it easy for the visitors to just click on the file and watch it.

Save and upload it in Flash or HTML 5

Another way to publish your presentation is the use of Flash. OpenOffice allows you to export your PPT as a flash format. This is one of the fastest ways to convert files. iSpringFree and iSpringPro, authorPOINTLite are the free tools that can help you to convert your PPTs to flash. Based on the complexity of your PPT files, the accuracy of the conversion of presentation to SWT varies from one program to another. This conversion method gives flawless results. You can also convert your PowerPoint to HTML 5 format to make it usable on a website.

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