PowerPoint to HTML5

PowerPoint to anything converters are essential if you want to convert your PowerPoint presentations to any other format. Sometimes we need to convert PowerPoint to HTML presentations or as image output in order to share the presentation across the Internet or online publicity. This approach of converting PowerPoint to an output format like Flash or HTML was widely used by PowerPoint presentation websites like SlideShare but also by others.

But there aren’t so much websites that take advantage of new HTML5 capabilities including the canvas tag and other video and multimedia tags. Converting from PowerPoint to HTML5 can be achieved using different methods.

Method 1: DigitalOfficePro PowerPoint To HTML5 converter

This method requires a software from Digital Office Pro that you can download for free and runs in Windows platform. The method consists in using HTML5Point, a PowerPoint to HTML5 converter that lets you to transform your PPT presentations into HTML5 content that can be viewed on mobile devices and all modern browsers.


PowerPoint to HTML5

You can see an example in this Android presentation converted from PowerPoint to HTML5.

Learn more here.

Method 2: iSpring PowerPoint to HTML5 Converter

iSpring Converter tool

iSpring Converter Pro is a tool that converts PowerPoint presentations to HTML5 format. Once you install the software, it appears on your PPT ribbon as an add-in.

To convert your presentation into HTML5, you need to click where it says “iSpring” on the PowerPoint ribbon and then click Publish. Upon conversion, all PowerPoint effects and transitions will be preserved across any device.

With iSpring Converter, you can also turn PowerPoint slides into MP4 videos and upload them to YouTube right from the iSpring interface.

Learn more about iSpring Converter.

Method 3: Moyea PowerPoint to HTML5

Moyea PowerPoint to HTML is another approach that helps to convert from PowerPoint PPT or PPTX presentations to HTML 5.

Learn more here.

Method 4: Publish or save PowerPoint to HTML

Another simple approach if you have PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 is to publish the files using the Publish tool in PowerPoint. Of course this is easy if you already have PowerPoint installed and this way you can save your presentation to .html files. Or you can also export PowerPoint to images and then embed in HTML files.

Final notes

However, if you need an automated way to export PowerPoint to HTML5 in order to show in a web page using a bulk method (for example if you want to let your visitors to upload .ppt files and automatically convert the files to HTML5) then some other advanced PowerPoint converters should be used.

Of course there are some other nice tools like Hype that helps to make animations and export to HTML5, great for web based presentations. And others like Crocodoc that helps to convert from PDF to HTML. There are some other approaches like Slide Team that uses HTML5/CSS3 to build web based HTML presentations or web tools like SlideGo which allows you to edit presentations online.

Some other interesting approaches like this one slides.netfools.com are great for web based presentations. In this presentation you can navigate the presentation decks or slides using the keywords with a simple animation that looks great (using zoomooz library for jQuery).

Dealing with presentations in HTML5 can be desired since you can open the presentation in any mobile device with a modern web browser without depend on Flash or Java runtime. We have seen different approaches and methods to convert PPT to HTML5 and HTML in general. If you are looking to make awesome PowerPoint presentations we recommend you to check our free PowerPoint templates or if you are looking for premium professional PowerPoint templates you can check SlideModel.com