PowerPoint Tricks

Learn how to make use of various PowerPoint features to make presentations more proficiently.

In this section you can find both basic tips that can help beginners, as well as tips and tricks suitable for advanced users looking to add something special to their presentation slides.

Be it adding audio to a presentation or removing a background of a picture in PowerPoint, you can find various handy PowerPoint tricks from the tutorials given below.

PowerPoint Tricks You Did Not Know About

PowerPoint presentations are often associated with being dull, boring, and counter-productive. This is why many presentations are tagged “death by PowerPoint” because, unfortunately, many still need a lot of work to liven up their PowerPoint presentations.

How To Use The Format Painter Tool in PowerPoint 2013

Many presentations, research papers and official documents nowadays require some sort of content that is copied from numerous sources, e.g. as a reference. It can be a nuisance to get the formatting right for copied text. An easy solution to keep all your content uniform is to use the Format Painter.

How To Arrange Objects To Front or Back in PowerPoint 2013

Objects play a major role in making diagrams in PowerPoint. A while back we brought you a post about the meaning of flow chart symbols. All symbols used in this tutorial are available in PowerPoint and you can use them and other shapes to demonstrate various important aspects of your presentation topic.

How To Remove Background Of A Picture in PowerPoint 2013

Sometimes when you fail to find the right image for your slides, you might require tweaking a picture to match your needs. Not everyone is proficient in using complex picture editing tools like CorelDraw or Photoshop, however, PowerPoint can help you get many basic image editing tasks done as well.

Using The Ruler in PowerPoint 2013

Most modern presentations require the presenter to insert content from a variety of sources, be it websites or even a rough draft created in MS Word. This unfortunately creates a lot of problems related to the alignment of added content. Many new presenters are unaware of how easily you can fix your content adjustment woes …

Trends To Follow For A Highly Interesting PowerPoint Presentation

In today’s highly digital age where people’s attention spans are decreasing by the day, it is important to convey your information in a way that instantly grabs your audience and keeps them glued. With this, many people have a lot to say about PowerPoint Presentations, both positive and negative. However, the secret here lies on …

How To Add Audio To A Presentation in PowerPoint 2013

Adding audio to a PowerPoint presentation can come in handy for making your slides more vibrant, e.g. by providing the audience something more than just visual aid. In what is to follow, we will show you how to add audio in PowerPoint 2013, using various methods.

How To Add Math Expressions And Equations in PowerPoint 2013

Adding complicated equations in PowerPoint is easier than you might think. While some presenters may opt for static images or layouts which may seem less than perfect to present equations, however, that may also end up ruining the presentation. In this post we will show you how to add math expressions and equations in PowerPoint …